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What is a Syllabus Review?

A brief introduction to the CUE Syllabus Review tool.

  • The Syllabus Review tool is an inquiry tool for promoting racial and ethnic equity and equity-minded practice.

Overview: What is a Syllabus Review?

CUE sees inquiry as a powerful means of uncovering why existing practices may not meet intended objectives.

  • Specifically, inquiry helps identify:

    1. Institutional practices that are supporting African American, Latina/o, Native American, and Asian students

    2. Institutional practices that are inadvertently contributing to or failing to address racial/ethnic inequities

    3. How practices could be modified, reconsidered, or replaced to increase equity

  • Examples of CUE’s inquiry tools, which are designed to prompt critical reflection on familiar instructional artifacts and practices, include:

    • Equity-Minded Document/Syllabi Reviews
    • Race-Conscious Observations of Classrooms and other campus spaces
    • Race-Conscious Mapping of student progression through area-specific and timeline directed milestones (for example, classroom assignments and attendance or progression through the steps necessary for completing financial aid paperwork).
Overview: What is a Syllabus Review?

How does Syllabus Review work?

  • 1. Inquiry

    Promotes faculty inquiry into teaching approaches and practices that affect African American, Latinx, Native American, Pacific Islander, and other racially/ ethnically minoritized students;

  • 2. Self-assessment

    Facilitates a self-assessment of these teaching approaches and practices from a racial/ethnic equity lens;

  • 3. Reflection

    Allows faculty to consider changes that result in more equitable teaching approaches and practices.